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A watch shop with a beautiful online collection

Are you looking for a cool way to finalize your look? Have you considered buying a watch? Not only are watches very useful, they are also the perfect accessory to complete your classy and stylish look. Do you like designs that are original, creative and vintage? Then you should take at Aevig! They have an online watch shop which contains a selection of beautiful, originally designed watches. Read on and find out more about this brand.

The origins of Aevig

This watch brand was founded in 2013 by Chip Yuen. The name is an ancient Norse word, which means ‘eternal’. The brand continuously strives for perfection and wants to create watches that are timeless. Its founder has a background in arts, design and filmmaking. Therefore he understand how important the design is. Take a look at their collection and you will notice the creative and beautiful designs of their watches.

A beautiful online collection

In their online watch shop you can find all sorts of originally designed watched. Do you like a more titanium look? Then you will love their Thyïlea GMT sports watch. The design of this watch is inspired by the tv-dials you saw in households in the 70’s. The case and strap are both fully in titanium. Do you want a design that stands out a bit less? Then they have a lot of other options for you such as, the Thor dress watch, named after the Norse god of thunder, the Valkyr sports watch or the Balaur dual crown. Do you like a certain design but would you like a different strap? Aevig also sells various straps for example the NATO strap.

Order your favorite watch online

Did you find your favorite watch in their online shop? Simply order online and they will have it delivered to you as soon as possible! Do you have any questions regarding a certain watch? Or do you want advice from one of their experts? That’s understandable, you want to make sure you don’t buy a watch that you end up not liking.