Fiscal Representation consultancy by RM Boulanger UK

What about fiscal representation are thinking?! Well you need it when you are selling crossborder to consumers inside Europe. Each country has a VAT treshold and as soon you exceed the allowed figure of turnover you need to pay VAT local. And thats the moment that fiscal representation is around the corner. You need a VAT number, but thats just one thing. You also have to report every year, quarter or month. When you start selling you are not aware, but when you forget to apply and register, you get serious fines. In some countries in the EU it is immediatly seen as fraud. This is a heavy accusation and you feel like a criminal. But there is a solution in all the 28 EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway. You can hire an independent VAT specialist. Independent is important, because they are not connected top the big four accountancy companies. So they can handle al the paperwork for the Application. Beside that when you start in one foreign country and you expand to others, you have single point of contact. In terms of efficiency you just have your own contactperson that knows your business and company. So you don’t have to explain what you do. Your contactperson can go after the internal person of RM Boulanger and explain what you and do the follow up of your Application attempt. When you deliver the requested information the contactperson can fill out all the Application forms, send to the right governmental office.

RM Boulanger is handling al kind of VAT issues for many different companies from the inside of Europe and also from the outside. They give this kind of services for more then 30 years and centralized in the heart of Europe.

It doesn’t mather what kind of business you are in. When you do business with consumers you are obliged to accept the terms and conditions in every different about the VAT treshold. It is important to prepare youself in time. When you expect to exceed the treshold next year you have to organize yourself being VAT compliant. VAT compliancy that is what you are talking about in this matter.

American companies What about importing goods into Europe no matter to who you sell. You need an EORI-number, which is your unique identification number for customs that you need to apply for. The advantage is that once you have this number you can bring in goods every where in Europe.

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