Get rewards in NBA 2K17 as a Twitch Prime Member

NBA 2K17 and Twitch entered a partnership that offers Prime members virtual currency to use in game and a pack for MyTeam.

NBA 2K17 fans have a new way of acquiring rewards if they choose to become Twitch Prime members. The popular streaming platform does not require premium membership but those who decide to go for the monthly subscription get more out of their viewing experience than free members. Twitch is owned by Amazon so becoming a Twitch Prime member is equivalent to getting an Amazon Prime membership. It goes without saying that those who already are Amazon Prime members automatically receive premium membership status on Twitch when they link their Amazon and Twitch accounts. Starting from April 2017, Twitch added NBA 2K17 to the list of games whose fans receive some in game goodies for being Prime members. Those who get the premium subscription get 75,000 virtual currency and a card pack that can be used in MyTeam mode.

Virtual Currency (VC) is the main type of NBA 2K17 money. It is received as a reward from almost all available in game activities and used to purchase various items. In Career mode, VC is spent for MyPlayer abilities, stats, animations and customization items for MyCourt. In MyTeam mode, VC is used to acquire new card packs and as currency in the auction house. In MyPark mode, players use VC to unlock all sorts of animations and to get card packs. There are many ways to spend VC. The MyTeam card pack received by Twitch Prime members is guaranteed to have one awesome card. Inside this pack, players will find a sapphire or moments card.

MyTeam is among the most played NBA 2K17 modes. It’s easy, fun and competitive. Players obtain card packs and set up a basketball dream team by using any card combination. In addition to NBA 2K17 goodies, Twitch Prime members receive rewards for other games as well. They also get to watch ad free streams and have a free channel subscription per month. Some Amazon discounts on games and gaming products are included in the membership as well. A 30 days trial period gives users the chance to try the service at no cost.  NBA 2K17 MT is the most useful in game playing, the great players, the stronger team you can get for buying MT here.