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Use an innovative and high-quality belt dryer

Every company that produces at a large scale knows how important it is to use high-quality machinery that is perfectly adapted to your particular situation. If you are working with products that need to be dried quickly and efficiently during the production process, then a belt dryer might the missing tool in your entire working process. At Dutch Dryers BV, they are specialized in providing drying solutions for a variety of companies spread around the globe. This way, they have already produced a belt dryer for a company in Germany that dries wood fibres and sawdust. If you would like to get an idea what a drying machine could mean for your production facilities, then feel free to get to know the people at Dutch Dryers BV.

How does a belt dryer work?

The belt dryer that Dutch Dryers BV likes to provide functions optimally to dry matter with a high moisture level. This way, it becomes a useable dry product. By conducting a flow of hot air with a temperature of 50 °C, it is able to dry quickly without compromising the quality of the end product. On a moving conveyor belt, your product is transported through a suction of hot air. This hot air flows through the products, evaporating the moisture within and providing a dry product at the other side. It is especially interesting for companies who are looking for a sustainable solutions when drying capacity is minimal.

Optimize your workflow

Would you like to use a belt dryer in your own production facilities? Or are your more interested in a drum dryer, which has a whole set of other benefits in comparison to the former machine. Then feel free to contact the specialists at Dutch Dryers BV, as they will advise you extensively about their products and see which one is a good fit for you.