What about paid blog websites

What to publsch

Being a marketeer, sales manager, SEO specialist or blogger was never easier when it comes to publishing. All over the world you want to publish and need relevant outlets for your publications. So you write an article, go to Phokus and start submittng your articles. And the price is very reasonable compared to other article platforms. So you can publish at the best paid blog websites.

Never waste a good crisis

In times of crisis you have a lot to share with your customers just to let them know that you are still in business. Business has changed, but there was never more possible to do business online or over the phone. You can cut a lot of costs so that you can be competitive in markets where others have to cut employees, you just have to be aware about your tone of voice. Don’t be to enthousiastic when you close a deal because not in every line of business people will survive when it comes to be profitable. 

Small business

You will see that even small businesses are looking for promotion opportunities to sell in a more modern way. From home delivery and take away that is what you can find in every market. A lockdown is also a period of re-organizing your business and looking for new opportunities. There a few businesses that are really changing because of more working from home instead of the office. Offices for rent are more waiting longer to be rent out or what about the opportunity to launch new services.


The prices at Phokus are very interesting for every kind of company. You just buy a small amount of credits and blog away. One blog a day to a specific webpage will help you even after to corona in the Google ranking. So what is on your mind? Just write about it.