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A photo on canvas, the alternative for a classic painting

Are you looking for interior decoration, but not a classic painting? Then is a photo on canvas is the perfect alternative. If you choose a photo on canvas, you are not bound by standard dimensions at all. Of course you can choose the photo and dimensions yourself, so that the canvas always fits perfectly in the chosen space.

A High-quality canvas that last just as long

There are many providers of photos on canvas online. It is important to work with a high-quality and reliable party. There is a lot of chaff among the wheat. Go for a partner with good references and pay particular attention to the printing quality. A photo on canvas only comes into its own if the print quality is razor-sharp. Know that on most websites you can not only choose from hundreds of photos, but also upload your own photo. This way you can have a unique photo printed on your canvas. Your photo on canvas is the perfect alternative to a painting.

A canvas to suit everyone

Another – not unimportant – asset of a photo on canvas is that you can order it completely custom-made. From mini to maxi, you enter the size online and the canvas will be delivered neatly to your home. Easy, because this way your outdoor canvas always fits perfectly.

Canvases are easy to maintain

Other advantages of a photo on canvas? Well, you don’t have to stretch a photo on canvas like you would a painting. A photo on canvas requires little or no maintenance anyway. Dust occasionally and/or wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done. The colours will continue to shine for years, because a special coating ensures that sunlight and UV rays have no impact. If you choose a reliable supplier, you will enjoy a beautiful colour depth. Most suppliers also provide a guarantee for their photo on canvas. Ideally, there are also different finishing and mounting options. This way you can give the photo on canvas just that little bit more appeal.

Are you still unsure about the added value of a photo on canvas? Be sure to check out some examples online. There are many examples on Pinterest. They can certainly offer you inspiration. Of course you are free to experiment. We are convinced that you will enjoy a photo on canvas at least as much as a real, often more expensive painting.