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Boost your Dutch learning

If you want to boost your Dutch by follow Dutch courses in Amsterdam, you are on the right path. But everyone can use some tips. You can use our tips during the Dutch courses in Amsterdam to understand everything a little bit quicker. Our tips will give you a head start if you didn’t start the course yet.


Warm up with small talk

If you spoke the whole day English or another language and, in the evening, you have the Dutch course, your brain is going to need some time to get in the Dutch routine. We are not a computer that can switch from one language to another in a second. Yes, we can do this, but you will make more basic grammar mistakes. The best you can do is to listen to Dutch radio or television before the course. Another option is to have a quick conversation in Dutch with a colleague or maybe a neighbour. Some of the Dutch courses in Amsterdam start with small talk to warm up your brain.


Relax and learn

It is important that you keep in that you are in a learning process. Nobody was born to speak multiple language right from the beginning. This is really important for the perfectionists among us. If you are relaxed, the learning process and speaking the other language will be much easier than when you are stressed out. When you are full of stress, the brain will shut down for its own protection. Learning a new language is just like playing a video game. A mistake can be fatal in a video game, but you can play the same level again, and again, and again, until you made it. When you are learning a new language, you can make a mistake, and make it again but eventually you will learn from it. The most important thing to do is practising.


Speaking is practicing

To learn the Dutch language, you will need to speak Dutch. Every time you speak Dutch will be a practise moment. The more often you practise, the faster you will learn it. Dutch people want to switch to English quite quickly to help you but say to them that you want to speak Dutch. Another way to practise a lot, is to work in a Dutch company and agree with yourself that you only speak Dutch. Give it some time to get in the flow, but when you are in the flow, you will improve very fast.