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Does a well designed Office Interior really make your employees more productive?


Does a nice Office Interior do us any good? Yes, according to various studies. Preferably with art on the walls, green around you, a nice view and a range of different types of workplaces to chose from.

The plans for the new office for Lochrin that is currently being built at One Lochrin Square in Edinburgh are certainly taking employee satisfaction and productivity into account. Huge Windows give the employees a beautiful view over the Forth Estuary and provide an abundance of light. There are also impressive views across the adjacent buildings. Beautiful wooden ceilings provide soothing feeling secretions.

Office interior design and productivity

The interior designers of Amos Beech designed an office that should impress on the one hand and on the other hand make the employees feel good. And that eventually, that will influence the productivity of the staff positively. But is that really true?

Snow capped mountains

A team of Warwick Business School recently tried on the basis of a game called Scenic or Not, to establish what people find inspirational, scenic images. Not entirely unexpectedly attractive images of white snow mountain peaks, river beds and wild landscapes were favourite. The researchers combined this data with data that indicates that people living on beautiful natural locations are physically in better health and feel better as well.

‘ The aesthetics of our environment, “says lead researcher Seresinhe, Chanuki ‘ has a direct effect on our well-being. ‘ And that, according to him has again a major impact on the Office environments that companies create. Now people spend such a long time at work, the office fit out should really take that into account. When a pleasant looking landscape makes people feel better, then there is a good reason to believe that pleasant looking work environments will have the same effect.’

Green makes productive

Also plants can increase productivity. That concluded Oliver Heath in an international study from the Department of psychology of the University of Cardiff in 2014. ‘We placed the plants in two large, formerly Spartan-looking, commercial offices in The Netherlands and England, ‘ says Oliver. ‘ That led to an increase in productivity by 15%. ‘ During the research, it appearde that workers felt that the air was purer, they had higher concentration and that overall felt much happier. “With this research, we hope to lead the way towards a more pleasant and comfortable office interior which turns out to be more profitable.’

Open-plan office

A pleasant-looking work environment since the 1960s especially down on an open-plan office. But how sympathetic the open-plan office may seem, it is not always beneficial for productivity. Many open plan offices are set up primarily to promote cooperation. Meanwhile, focus and concentration lead under the continuous presence of sound. So much that it can lead to stress. A survey of 2011 from the Danish Ministry of employment concluded that workers from an open office environment were sick twice as much.

Innovation outside the Office

The great architecture and design firm Gensler holds an annual survey to determine how the ideal Office interior looks like. According to Gensler’s Workplace Survey 2016 that the most innovative employees can choose daily from a variety of work spaces. The report also showed that the most innovative employees do not spend every day at the Office. They spend an average of 74% of their time in the Office. The rest of the time they work from home, outside in nature, or work from a café in between of locations. Less innovative employees spend more time at the Office, according to Gensler around 84%. So that is something to think about for your next office refurbishment Edinburgh project.

Wall art

Art inspires or to wake at least a comment on. But make it in an office environment also for upliftment? Yes, says Herman Schaefer, Director of Bronswerk Heat Transfer. The company from Edinburgh has even got a large art collection in the factory. Of course the artwork there is specially impregnated. Schaefer: ‘ what at Bronswerk for the industrial heat exchangers, cooling plants, condensers and fans, also applies to the art collection. High-quality, distinctive and sophisticated. We offer state-of-the-art solutions, there applies a state-of-the-art-art collection at.’


Quality of life

But does art do employees really good? Yes, say workers. In an older American survey it says that 78% of workers that the presence of art work reduces their feelings of stress. According to this survey the art leads to a 64% increase in their creativity, while 67% also believes that art is good for moral. 77% believe that art on the walls also ensure that people give their opinion. 84% and concludes that the art contributes to their overall quality of life. So maybe you should put an extra painting on the wall?