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Easy side businesses to start

Easy side businesses to start


1. Social Media Advertising Agency

Helping small businesses with their social media advertising strategy. Running a marketing agency doesn’t have to take a lot of energy. Once it’s up and running you can generate a substantial income with just a few hours a day. Your knowledge is very valuable.


You can acquire this knowledge and build up your agency by following the course of Boyd Hoek.


 2. Amazon Business

Selling products online (e-commerce) through Amazon. With smart sales strategies you know how to make yourself successful on the platform Amazon! Without having to send an order yourself, you build your own brand within Amazon. 


Why would you start e-commerce on Amazon? In 2020 alone, Amazon generated over 280 billion dollars in e-commerce sales. In 2021, the first figures already show that this year will be even more profitable. 


So starting your own business selling products online on Amazon is not such a crazy idea at all. Bas Urlings has written a free book about this (excl. shipping costs) and has been successful on Amazon for years.


In 2018, he and his company won multiple awards. And has now distinguished himself broadly as an internet entrepreneur. Check out his free book “Now or Never on Amazon”.


 3. Furniture maker

Have you ever made fantastic furniture and received a lot of positive feedback from those around you? Then it’s not so crazy to think about expanding your craft. 


With Fred’s construction drawings you immediately have 10,000 construction drawings that you can show to your new customers.


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4. Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate marketer you earn money passively.


You like to write about your hobbies or about your work and you like to share this with others.


When you set up a website and post your story here you can add affiliate links. These are links that earn you money. The internet is full of them! Just think of all those comparison websites, travel websites or simple blogs. When something is bought there, the affiliate earns a commission.


This is how I myself started as an affiliate marketer 2 years ago. I have always done this next to my other job. I now earn half an income from my affiliate work alone.


Does this sound like something you would like to do? The course that got me started is called the Affiliate Marketing Revolution.


Affiliate Marketing was one of my ideas to start my own business, the other was dropshipping. Now I do both and I do not regret a moment!




5. Realtor

Helping people find their new home. While you earn a nice commission. 


To become an estate agent, you need a diploma. You can even do this at home via the LOI.




6. Advertising consultant

Google ads run for companies. Many companies do not have the budget for an entire advertising department and therefore hire external consultants.


When you master SEA you can work as an external consultant. Often bringing in 1 large company is enough to last an entire year.




7. Translator

Do you have a second mother tongue or are you extremely good at languages. Then you can use your expertise as the new idea of your own business. 


You can find a lot of demand in freelance assignments. Especially when your second language is more unique you will find a huge need for a good translator.




8. Moving service

Most people find moving a tedious task. If you are up for it you can simply buy a bus and hire some people when you get an offer.



15. Graphic Design Office

Are you good at graphic design. Logo design and web design. Then you can set up your own agency. Hire some freelancers to complete your agency so you can offer a full package.


9. Webdeveloper

Are you good with software and can you easily find your way in a computer? A webdeveloper comes in many varieties. For example, you have back-end and front-end devolopers. Both are very specialized work.


Nowadays there is a lot of demand for “simple” websites that require little specialist work.


Try starting a website yourself and see what you run into. When you have mastered this you can offer the same to customers.


Want to learn how to build a professional website faster? This video manual explains step by step how WordPress websites are built. More than 1/3 of websites run on this CMS.




10. Blogging

Making money with blogging may sound like a myth, but nothing is less true. There are simply so many blogs because it’s fun to earn money.



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