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FIFA 21 – Road To The Final Begins

FIFA 21 players can start the Road to the Final program. This is a recurring EA SPORTS FIFA event. It was well-received by the community so the developers decided to keep it. This event gives players the chance to acquire live dynamic player item cards. Dynamic items change stats throughout the lifespan of the game. RTTF players will develop depending on their team’s progress. Let’s find out more about this program.

All players that are part of this selection will get an upgrade when the program launches. The team in charge of this event keeps an eye on the player’s team. Each time the team wins a game, the player item card gets an upgrade. Note that this program is based on the team’s success, not on individual accomplishments.

The player does not have to take part in each stage to get the upgrade. The team’s performance at select games during the tournament will be considered. The world of football is constantly in motion. Players transfer to other clubs.

In case one of the Road to the Final players goes to another team that is not part of the tournament, that player item card will not benefit from updates anymore. You might also be wondering what happens when the team that the player is part of gets the bronze in the UEFA Champions League group stage. If the team manages 3rd place, then the dynamic player item card transforms into a UEFA Europa League: Road to the Final item.

The advancement to the knockout stage doesn’t bring upgrades anymore. However, from now on the team’s progress in the UEFA Europa League will be considered, should the team make it to that tournament. If the team succeeds in this stage, the player item card will get upgrades.

As you can imagine, if the team is out of the tournament the player’s RTTF item does not get any more upgrades. You should know that the RTTF item upgrade will not instantly occur. Please allow a few days for the item to update in the game.

Road to the Final player item cards are acquired in several ways. Some players are obtained when completing certain activities such as squad building challenges. Other players are obtained when completing objectives. Don’t forget about the Team 1 RTTF players that are found in-game packs. If you need more FIFA 21 players or cheap FIFA coins, come check the FUTeamGo store! They have great prices and fast deliveries.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)