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GC Biotech shop

GC Biotech’s shop provides many different ways to do high quality research. There are many routine practices that need to be done before experimentation can begin or before an analysis can be produced. In this process mixes need to be prepared with enzymes, core reagents, markers and more. To speed up things one can use our many pre-prepared kits for sequencing, isolation and analysis it provides the basis for any succesful experiment or observation of biomolecular processes.

In GC Biotech’s shop you can find different brands that provide different sets and kits for a great many ways to do genetics research, study biochemical reactions and more. There are DNA/RNA isolation kits to get a hold on the genes of interest. There are tools and materials for fluorescence quantification assays. And ofcourse there are the devices in which the experiments or assessments take place. Such as heating and cooling blocks, magnetic plates for separating charged particles and molecules. There are separation racks, there is SMOD for encapsuled growing of cell cultures. And there are liquid handling robots for exact pipetting purposes. So take a look at our shop for GC Biotech’s great line of products.

Analytics kits

To do proper research there is need of a professional way to do the analysis. GC Biotech has many kits for this purpose. Our shop contains real-time PCR kits to do various types of genotyping, which has real-time internal controls, ready CDNA synthesis. There are one-step probe kits but also one-step Sybr kits. Whatever you are looking for concerning Polymerase Chain Reactions.

Core reagents

There are many core reagents one can use to produce the desired reaction. The shop of GC Biotech has a wide variety of solutions and buffers. These contain proteinases, coloured and colourless reaction buffers. And we offer agarose tablets which are DNase and RNase free, and co-precipitants, blue loading buffers, human genomic DNA and much more.