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New Madden NFL 21 Update 1.14 Modifies Gameplay And Correct Issues

EA Sports released update 1.14 last Thursday, which aims to resolve a few bugs that were affecting the general user experience, significantly changing the gameplay within the matches and the behavior of the players in certain game situations.

One of the complaints that were most heard on social networks by users is that their receivers dropped too many passes without any reason, is completely free, and with plenty of space to receive a well-thrown pass from the QB.

One of the objectives of this new update is precisely to correct this problem, so this situation should no longer occur once you have downloaded and installed the latest game update. Here is the note from the developers regarding this issue:

“We have now made the window for knocking the ball out from a normal collision smaller so defenders will no longer be able to knock the ball out so late”.

Likewise, the game developers also left their impressions about the correction of another error involving left-handed QBs running the other way in Power Plays.

“We are aware that left-handed QB’s are also running the wrong direction on QB Power plays, and that fix will be in a future title update, as we were unable to squeeze it into this one”.


The update also fixes other bugs in MUT, The Yard, and more.

Beyond timely fixes for the aforementioned bugs, EA also fixed some issues that cropped up in Madden Ultimate Team, The Yard, and Franchise.

Madden Ultimate Team is a game mode that users take very seriously, some even choose to buy Madden Coins to acquire their favorite players, so EA Sports is always looking to correct the slightest error that may prevent them from enjoying of the game.

These are the modifications applied to The Yard mode:

  •  The Face of the Franchise Updates:

– Fixed an issue with users playing as an HB receiving temporary ratings boosts for QB related ratings.

– Fixed an issue with some abilities appearing twice in the edit player screen.

  •   Franchise Updates:

– Fixed an issue with older, high OVR Free Agents being removed from the game before users have a chance to sign them.

– Fixed an issue where players received Morale and Legacy changes during the pre-season game.


Finally, we inform you that Madden NFL 21 update 1.14 will occupy approximately 2 GB on your disk, so it should not take you a long time to download and install it on your system. It’s one of the most important updates to the game, so we recommend downloading it as quickly as possible.

EA continues working to improve the gameplay of the game to appease all the criticism that the game has received after its launch from the specialized press and fans, will they improve its image after all? How do you think about it?


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)