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This material handling equipment supplier provides to leading players all over the world

Players in the chemical and food industries all work with automated material handling systems. They have to trust in safe and reliable manufacturing from their supplier when it comes to material handling solutions and equipment. Therefore, you need a trustworthy partner to supply the best solutions for automated material handling equipment and systems. A partner like J-Tec is what you need as a material handling equipment supplier.

Get to know J-Tec

J-Tec Material Handling is your process partner for material handling equipment.They design, supply, build and maintain processing systems to leading players in the chemical and food industries, all over the world. They provide these processing systems for powders, pellets and liquids. They are you partner throughout the complete project: starting from the conceptual design, on through detailed process and concept engineering, procurement and manufacturing, up until installation and commissioning, even training and maintenance if required. J-Tec’s extensive knowledge of industry requirements, product characteristics and material handling solutions is based on over 50 years of collaboration with the chemical industry. They aim to design and build the safest and most efficient solutions, enabling their customers to thrive. They deliver single process lines, as well as complete turnkey installations for your company. As they always design solutions that lead to a high-quality end product, you can rely on equipment that stands for inventiveness and reliability.

Discover their services

Are you curious about what they can do for your company? This supplier has the best solutions for automated material handling equipment and systems for you! Contact them and find out how they can meet your requirements. Thanks to their highly qualified and experienced in-house engineers, J-Tec is able to support you during every project stage, anywhere in the world. Fill in their contact form and they get in touch with you as soon as possible to talk about the possibilities.