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WoW Classic – How To Prepare For Naxxramas

WoW Classic Phase 6 is just a few days away. It will bring the last content update for the re-released MMORPG. The update includes the much-awaited raid Naxxramas. Here are some things you can do now if you want to be among the first players on your server that step foot into Kel’Thuzad’s lair and have a chance at defeating this famous Warcraft villain.

First of all, you need to be attuned for the raid. Don’t worry, the attunement doesn’t require completing a long quest chain. You need to complete one quest only. The trick is that you need at least honoured reputation with the Argent Dawn faction. This is easily achievable by questing and running Stratholme and Scholomance a few times.

Normally, you should be honoured with Argent Dawn by the time you are 60. The thing is that the more reputation you have, the cheaper the quest is. The attunement quest requires players to turn in items and gold. If you are exalted with the faction, the attunement is free. So to enter Naxxramas, you need a reputation which you can gain before Phase 6 releases. The items you need are probably expensive at the auction house, so the reputation farming is worth it. The attunement quest was made available a few weeks before the Phase 6 release.

You also should start obtaining frost resistance gear. You will need it for the fight against Sapphiron. This is the boss before Kel’Thuzad. This dragon boss does a lot of frost damage so you need to mitigate some of it to survive the encounter. Most guides recommend at least 250 frost resistance. There are several ways to acquire this gear. Some of it comes from crafting. You should look for a class-specific guide that tells you which frost resistance gear is the best for you and where you can obtain it.

The first WoW Classic raids do no have complicated encounters with many mechanics. However, the last two 40-player raids, AQ and Naxxramas, are not that easy anymore. They are not as challenging as mythic encounters on retail, but there is more than the tank and spank to them. You will find many Naxxramas boss guides that will tell you the tactics so you know what to do when the raid day comes. As usual, every raider should be prepared with consumables and buff. Make sure that your gear is in order and don’t forget about buying WoW Classic gold can be very helpful in raids.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)